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Separately we have performed at the most prestigious venues in the country - at the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Festival Hall, Birmingham Symphony Hall and even more contemporary venues like the Tate Modern and at Glastonbury. Now we've teamed up to serenade you at your event. Our wide-ranging repertoire includes modern music and jazz, as well as charming classics, without which no celebration would be complete. We'll regularly update this page with details of our performances and future plans.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hawks' and Ospreys' Charity Ball - Saturday 16th October

Here's one
Though we have played together many times before, both in orchestras and as a duet, this Saturday's ball was our first gig as Vivace Violins. As a result we packed and displayed as many of our brand new business cards as we could fit in our violin cases. Tash arranged them delicately all over our performance space, while I manhandled our music stands into place. We'd had to barter for them from the Ceilidh band - we'll definitely bring our own next time.... 

Bit of a distraction
Being placed next to the food was a mixed blessing. On the up-side, it was where all the ball guests most wanted to be, so we had a good audience. On the downside, our hour-long slot was at 8pm, so we could only watch jealously as others munched cupcakes, brownies, sausage rolls and the like. Other than that, everything went well: our music was only knocked off the stands twice and we did eventually get hold of some cupcakes. 

The ball itself was a tremendous success, raising over £5,000 for the charity Right to Play. It was excellent to see  the Hawks and Ospreys Committees pulling together to put on a great bash, especially one raising so much money for charity. We were both pretty sad to leave at the end, but as former members of the Ospreys Committee ourselves, excited to see the committee doing so well.

If anyone you know is having a wedding or a party that's just crying out for Vivace Violins to be there, please get in touch: kateandtash@rocketmail.com, Tash's number above or 07738 182638.